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26 March 2018
The Wine Roads interview Evaristiano
The important online magazine Le Strade Del Vino, reference point...


Società Agricola EVARISTIANO
Società Agricola Semplice

Sede Operativa:
Stabilimento Enologico di Is Araus
Loc. Is Araus SP 10 Km 10,500
Marina di Putzu Idu
San Vero Milis -OR-

Tel. 0783/52007

Fax 0783/52004


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I nostri vini

Is Araus Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Biologico

Vermentino di Sardegna D.O.C.

A white wine with the appellation Vermentino DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin)


Produced on our Estate in Sinis, on the west coast of Sardinia

Straw-yellow with greenish reflections in colour

The nose presents a subtle fruitinesss, with echoes of charred oak which become more pronounced during the course of in-bottle ageing

Dry, soft and well-rounded, with a complex, slightly bitter aftertaste, as is characteristic of the Vermentino varietal

The alcohol content by volume is 13%

With relatively substantial meat- and fish-based starters, and main courses based on fish, seafood and shellfish

And it is best served at 8-10°C

Can age successfully for between one and two years

Leggi sul retro della tua bottiglia il numero di lotto per scoprire il percorso produttivo di questo vino.