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26 March 2018
The Wine Roads interview Evaristiano
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Società Agricola EVARISTIANO
Società Agricola Semplice

Sede Operativa:
Stabilimento Enologico di Is Araus
Loc. Is Araus SP 10 Km 10,500
Marina di Putzu Idu
San Vero Milis -OR-

Tel. 0783/52007

Fax 0783/52004


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Grapes: base Moscato.

Trained in gouyot. Planting density: 2,500 vines per hectare; production of about 4,5 tons per hectare.

Alcohol content: 16% vol.
The grapes are harvested when they are very mature, noted by their unmistakable golden color. The grapes are soft-pressed and fermented in stainless steel at controlled temperatures. The wine is released after aging in the steel.

Description: An elegant, equilibrated interpretation of Moscato, the wine offers a clean, balanced bouquet with scents of dried fruit, and honey that assure a satisfying impact on the nose. Moderately sweet, sapid flavor with good alcohol.

Food & Wine: The wine is perfect with savory cheeses, and baked desserts with lemon peel.Tipical sardinian sweets. Try it with bottarga (cured tuna roe). Goat cheeses.

Serve: In small, tulip-shaped goblets, slightly bellied; uncork when the wine is to be served; best at a temperature of 12°C (54°F).