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26 March 2018
The Wine Roads interview Evaristiano
The important online magazine Le Strade Del Vino, reference point...


Società Agricola EVARISTIANO
Società Agricola Semplice

Sede Operativa:
Stabilimento Enologico di Is Araus
Loc. Is Araus SP 10 Km 10,500
Marina di Putzu Idu
San Vero Milis -OR-

Tel. 0783/52007

Fax 0783/52004


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The Evaristian Commune of the children of the Sacred Heart has started on the wine market since the beginning of the 1980s, with optimal results. This recognition comes from the high quality of our biologically viticulture, knowledge of which is available on the agricultural company of Evaristiano. This is combined with a religious background and the loving desire to help the poor. The Evaristian Commune of the children of the Sacred Heart has through the doctrine of the founder, Padre Evaristo Madeddu, realized a project: through their products they spread the love for the good things that the earth gives and also the ability to help their fellow man and those in need.

The properties that characterize the business process make the customer the center of a harmonious interaction between management and the available human and economic resources. Important keywords of the strategy for continuous improvement are:

-Fulfillment of the expected or desired customer satisfaction;

-Certification of products in order to ensure their high quality;

-Guarantee in terms of authenticity according to organic method;

-Guarantee in the area of traceability and control of hygiene and production;

-Quality of the activities carried out;

-The image of the company and the way of support that the wine trade has to compensate for poor economic conditions;

-The level of attention of the staff for the current and future customer needs;

-Meet the needs of all members of our organization;

-Respect for the Benedictine way of life transmitted by the founder, Padre Evaristo Madeddu.


We are aware of the fact that a clear plan is needed in the pursuit of our own goals and that is why we are trying to achieve them by:

-Compliance with the current standards;

-Commitment, sense of responsibility, and retain and optimize the training of all employees of the organization;

-Constant technological innovation to meet the changing needs of the market, and to reduce costs in accordance with the principles on which the project is based;

-An ever greater responsibility in the implementation of the biological system, the quality policy, traceability and control of hygiene and production;

-Preventive analysis and the control of any critical situations;

-Cooperation with and the involvement of suppliers in the quality, traceability and control strategies of hygiene and production;

-Conservation and improvement of the infrastructure to the satisfaction of the requirements of the Organization;

-Constant improvement of the management system for quality, traceability, HACCP and biological method;

-Define annual quality objectives, using concrete and measurable indicators.


Today, even more than yesterday, we wish to express and disseminate our principles. Our significant work leads to a product that contains all traditions of our earth and the characteristics of the Sinis peninsula. In addition, we seek to convey a lifestyle characterized by respect for the earth and our loved ones.

We see wine as a social tool for integration and a meeting place for moderate drinking people. For those who have the sensitivity to appreciate the quality of a good wine and, above all, the love with which we make it.